Functions of the Ministry

MoRA & IH :: Functions of the Ministry

Under the Rules of Business 1973 (amended from time to time), the mandate/ functions of this Ministry are as under;

  • Formulation of Hajj Policy
  • Arranging the Muslim Pilgrims' visits to India.
  • Ziarat and Umrah.
  • Welfare and safety of pilgrims and Zaireen.
  • Administration of Hajj Affairs and control of the Hajj Directorates within the country and the Hajj Directorate at Jeddah.
  • Islamic studies and research including holding seminars, conferences, etc. on related subjects to the extent of Federal Areas.
  • Training and education of Ulemas and Khatibs etc.
  • Error-free and exact printing and publishing of the Holy Quran in the ICT.
  • Exchange of visits of scholars of Islamic learning and education, international conferences/seminars on Islamic subjects, and liaison with foreign and international bodies and institutions.
  • Ruet-e-Hilal.
  • Tabligh.
  • Observance of Islamic Moral Standards
  • Donations for religious purposes and propagation of Islamic Ideology abroad.
  • Marriage and divorce, infants and minor’s adoption (to the extent of ICT).
  • Policy and legislation with regard to inter-faith Harmony.
  • International agreements and commitments in respect of all religious communities and implementation thereof.
  • Representation of Pakistan at UN Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination to Minorities.
  • Minorities Welfare Fund.
  • National Commission for Minorities.
  • Evacuee Trust Property Board.