Dawah and Ziarat Wing

MoRA & IH :: Dawah and Ziarat Wing

Dawah and Ziarat (D&Z) wing of M/o Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, (RA&IH) deals with Zaireen visits to India, Iran, Iraq and Syria, National Mehfil-e-Shabina, National Hifz-o-Qirat competition. Participation in International Quran competition and attestation of Umrah documents etc. The Organo-gram of the wing is as under:

Organogram of Dawah & Ziarat Wing or MoRA & IH



1. Ziarat Section

The main functions of the Ziarat Section are as under:

  • This Section managed the visit of Pakistani Zaireen to India on the eve of scheduled Urses of prominent Muslim Saints, as per following procedure:
    • The press release is issued about the urses.
    • Applications for each urses are invited fixing the last date (application form available on the website).
    • Balloting is conducted for selection of Zaireen (If required).
  • Formulation of Zaireen Management Policy to manage the Ziarat of Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

2. Dawah Section

  • Organizing an International Hifz-o-Qirat Competition in Pakistan.
  • Organization annual Qiyam ul Laiyl Shabina event in coordination with other stakeholders before commencing Ramzan every year.
  • Nomination for International Hifz-o-Qirat Competition.
  • Selection for the King Faisal Award by the Apex committee as and when called by KSA.

3. Umrah Section

The Umrah Section primarily deals with the attestation of Umrah Tour Operators' contract documents carried out with the KSA. Moreover, the complaints of Umrah Pilgrims received from different quarters are also referred to the concerned Federal or Provincial Department of Tourist Services for resolutions.