Hajj Wing

MoRA & IH : Hajj Wing

The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony ever strives to bring the utmost improvements in facilitating the guests of Allah (SWT). In this regard, Hajj Wing played a pivotal role in conducting the Hajj operation in consultation with all stakeholders including various Ministries/Organizations of Saudi and Pakistani Governments, Banks, Airlines, Hajj Group Organizers, Scholars, prominent figures, and Members of the Parliament. Hajj wing was established to facilitate the intending pilgrim in Pakistan as well as in Saudi Arabia. The basic motive of Hajj wing is to serve Hujjaj to their satisfaction and its mission statement is “To serve and facilitate the intending pilgrim with commitment and dedications so as to enable them to undertake their religious obligation with ease and peace of mind” Hajj Wing is continuously making efforts to simplify the Hajj Process and for this, it has launched awareness campaigns to tehsil level to educate intending pilgrim about the different Manasiks of Hajj. Hajj wing has the following functions:-

  • Formulation, getting approval from Cabinet, and Implementation of Hajj Policy every single year.
  • Monitoring of Private Hajj Group Organizers in Pakistan as well as in KSA for provision of better services and quality logistics arrangements to the entire satisfaction of Hujjaj.
  • Liaise with designated banks for receipt of Hajj Applications, Collection & Processing of Passports etc
  • Coordinate with KSA Embassy for Endorsement of Hajj Visas
  • Coordinate with Administrative and Financial matters of Hajj Directorates in Pakistan as well as Director General (Hajj), Jeddah
  • Process Refund Claims and Death Compensations under Hajj Mohafiz Scheme
  • Maintain Pilgrim Welfare Fund
  • Launch Awareness and Training Programs for Hujjaj
  • Main Data Bank for Pilgrims/Hujjaj for Each Hajj
  • Select welfare contingent for Hajj Duty
  • Purchase Medicines for Pilgrims/Hujjaj




Job Distribution:

JOINT SECRETARY (HAJJ)      (Overall Incharge Hajj Wing)


Deputy Secretary (Hajj Policy): 

To supervise the work of Hajj Policy, Hajj Group Organizers & Monitoring.


(1) Section Officer (Hajj Policy)

  • Formulation of Hajj Policy & Plan
  • Upscaling of Road to Makkah Project
  • Constitution of Hiring and Procurement Committee in OPAP Jeddah
  • The signing of the Annual Hajj Agreement in coordination with OPAP, Jeddah
  • Selection and signing of MOUs with airlines for Hajj Operation
  • The matter relating to reserved Hajj quotas (i.e hardship, Labour, overseas, 3 years consecutive unsuccessful, aged persons alongwith helpers) as per Hajj Policy.
  • Substitution cases of successful pilgrims
  • Conduct Survey of Banks to supervise overall functioning and working
  • Processing/disposal of all Hajj Complaints of Hujjaj under Government Scheme.
  • Conducting workshops/seminars in all Hajj Directorates right after the completion of Hajj Operation and feedback is utilized for next year’s Hajj Policy & Plan.
  • Parliamentary Business/PMDU matter relating to Hajj Policy
  • Coordination with Litigation Section relating to Hajj Policy Section

(2) Section Officer (Monitoring)

  • Monitoring of Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) in Pakistan as well as in KSA
  • Analysis of feedback Proforma of Hujjaj of Private Hajj Scheme.
  • Capacity Building of HGOs
  • Determining the Hajj Package of HGOs
  • Dispose of Hajj related complaints of HGOs at the level of Complain Disposal Committee (CDC) and Appellate Committees.
  • Ensure monitoring and implementation of Service Provider Agreement (SPA) in letter and spirit.

(3) Section Officer (HGO)

  • Matters relating to Private Hajj Scheme/Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs).
  • Regulation and Allocation of Hajj quota to Private Hajj Scheme/HGOs.
  • Online HGO MIS system for Private scheme Hujjaj, in coordination with IT Cell.
  • Coordination with all Hajj Directorates regarding matters of all HGOs.
  • Issuance of Recognition Letter (RL) to compliant HGOs.
  • Parliamentary Business relating to HGOs
  • Issuance of NOC for change of address and management
  • Coordination with Litigation Section concerning cases of HGOs
  • Re-assessment / enrollment of profiles of Private Companies through 3rd party Audit Firm.
  • Coordination with F.B.R, S.B.P and S.E.C.P regarding HGOs
  • Scrutiny of documents submitted by HGOs before allocation of quota.
  • Submission of data and other relevant information/documents of HGOs to quarter concerned such as Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah, Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Islamabad and Foreign Office etc.
  • Issuance of necessary instructions/guidelines to HGOs from time to time for their smooth functioning.

Deputy Secretary (Hajj Operation)

To supervise the work of S.O.(HA), SO(PW), A.O.(Hajj Refund), A.O.(PWF), D.D.(IT) and Protocol Section.

1.   Section Officer  (Hajj Administration)

  • All Administrative matters relating to seven Hajj Directorates in Pakistan and Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah, KSA.
  • Selection of officers for tenure posting at Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah, KSA.
  • Reservation of rooms in Pakistan Houses, Madinah Munawwarah on payment basis.
  • Deployment of scouts in the Ministry and all Hajj Directorates in Pakistan during Hajj season through Pakistan Scouts Associations.
  • Appointment of Seasonal/Contingent paid staff during Hajj season in the Directorates of Hajj in Pakistan.
  • Estate matters of Directorates of Hajj in Pakistan and Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah KSA/ Madina.
  • Allocation of funds out of PWF to all Directorates of Hajj in Pakistan and Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah.
  • Preparation of answer to National Assembly/Senate regarding the above assignment.
  • Reply to the complaint of PMDU.

2.    Section Officer (PW)

  • To devise Policy regarding selection of various categories of Welfare Staff to be deployed in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) during Hajj operation.
  • To solicit nominations of suitable officers/officials from Federal / Provincial / Regional Governments for their selection as members of Hajj Medical Mission and Moavineen-e-Hujjaj.
  • Selection of Seasonal Duty Staff (SDS) amongst the employees of Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony (RA & IH) including all Hajj Directorates in Pakistan.
  • Preparation and Printing of necessary material for Hajj Medical Mission.
  • Procurement Processing and Finalization of Vaccines / Medicines / Allied Medical Equipment for Hujjaj-e-Karaam.
  • Arrangements for dispatch of Medicines / Medical Equipment, to KSA for its use in provision of medical cover to the Pilgrims during Hajj Season.
  • Arrangements for imparting training to the intending Welfare Staff to be deployed in KSA during Hajj Operation.
  • Arrangements for dispatch of Welfare staff of all categories, to KSA.
  • To conduct proceedings of different meetings of selection / procurement committees and to author its minutes and get its approval from the competent authorities.
  • Preparation of answers to the National Assembly and Senate’s Questions asked by different Parliamentarians regarding above assignments.
  • Handling of complaints relating to P. W. Section either received directly from the Public (PMDU) or through President / Chief Executive’s Secretariat / Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s Secretariat.
  • Issuance of Sanction Letters regarding payments to the vendors from Regular Budget and Pilgrim Welfare Fund who have successfully delivered the articles as per approved Work Orders subject to reconciliation and prior approval of the Secretary (RA&IH).

3.     Accounts Officer (Hajj Refund)

  • Issuance of refund authorities to successful Hajj Applicants decided later on not to proceed for Hajj.
  • Ledger posting of refund authorities claims/payments to five scheduled banks for which they had already paid amount on issuance of authorities.
  • Dealing with Wafaqi Mohtasib cases for refund of Makkah/ Madinah Accommodation charges, compulsory Hajj dues charges and any other case relating to Hajj matters.
  • Issuance of death certificates to legal heirs on receipt from Hajj Directorate, Makkah for the pilgrims died during performance of Hajj.
  • Issuance of one way Air Fare’s Cheques to the legal heirs of deceased pilgrims of Hajj.
  • Issuance of Cheques of compulsory Hajj dues to the legal heirs of deceased pilgrims that died before performing Hajj.
  • Issuance of letters to the legal heirs of the pilgrims for providing legal documents in death compensation cases and on receipt their forwarding to Director Hajj, Makkah.
  • On receipt of lost luggage from Hajj Directorate, Makkah and its distribution to legal heirs.
  • Processing the cases to issue time bared/lieu Cheques and their dispatched to the applicants.   

4.     Accounts Officer (PWF)

  • Selection of Banks through expression of interest.
  • Finalization of Hajj Package for Government Scheme.
  • Collection of Hajj Dues deposited by the intending pilgrims through the scheduled banks authorized by this Ministry.
  • Payment of air fare to designated Airlines on account of air fare of pilgrims proceeded for Hajj.
  • Payment to banks for issuance of differential amount to the intending pilgrims at Hajj Booths.
  • Remittances to DG(Hajj), Jeddah on account of accommodation charges, Additional Service charges, Train charges, Compulsory  Hajj  Dues, Qurbani charges, Food charges, Inter-city charges, Coolers at Arafat, DA for Local/Pak Based Moavineen, shortfall of D.A. of Seasonal Duty Staff and Hajj Medical Mission and Budget sanctioned out of PWF.
  • Release of funds to all Hajj Directorates in Pakistan out of PWF Account.
  • To prepare replies of Audit reports relating to A.O.(PWF) Section.
  • Maintenance of NIDA account with the National Bank of Pakistan, Main Branch, Islamabad.
  • Investment of surplus funds lying in the above accounts.
  • Reconciliation of differential amounts, Hajj dues and profit with the designated banks.

5.     Hajj I.T. Cell.

  • Processing of Hajj applications, balloting and liaison with, Airlines, Haji Camps, etc.
  • Formulation of groups and allotment of accommodation, Makatib.
  • Booking of pilgrims, flights schedule etc.
  • Reconciliation work in co-ordination with Accounts Officer (Hajj), Hajj Directorates, All Banks and Airlines.

6.     Protocol Officer.

  • Liaison and supervision with Saudi Embassy/Visa Consulate Islamabad to arrange visas for Hujjaj of Government & Private Hajj Schemes and to timely delivery/receive and carry out assortment/counting of thousands of passports during hajj season on daily basis every year.
  • Liaison with India Embassy for affixation of visas for Pakistani Saireen on occasions of 06 annual Urses as per MOU signed between Pakistan and India namely (i) Hazrat Mujadad Alf Sani Sarhand Shareef (ii) Hazrat Khawaja Allauddin Ali Ahmad Sabir, Kalyar Sharif (iii) Hazrat Hafiz Abdullah Shah Aagra (iv) Hazrat Khawaj Nizamuddin Oliya(v) Hazrat Khawaja Moeen Uddin Chushti and (vi) Hazrat Ameer Khusro.  In near future, there are likely chances of inclusion of more countries in the list i.e. Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Uzbekistan due to their desire/interest with Pakistan and the Dialog in this regard is under process.  The volume of work in Protocol Section has increased.
  • To receive/see off the official delegates (day-night) when visit to Pakistan (Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony) to provide protocol them in various conference like National and International Seerat Conference, Ulema & Mashaikh Conference & Mehfil-e-Meelad throughout the years. About 1800 to 3000 delegates are invited from all over the country as well as foreign country on yearly basis espacially in the event of National and International Seerat Conference.
  • To arrange the passports from Passport Office, and visas for officers/officials deputed for Hajj Seasonal duty Welfare Staff, Medical Mission and Moavineen-e-Hujjaj during Hajj season yearly basis about 1450 cases including posting of officials at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Visit to Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection with obtaining Note Verbale for High dignitaries including Minister and Senior Officers of this Ministry as per direction/recommendation of the Federal Minister and to visit to various embassies for affixation of their visas.
  • To make accommodation, Air tickets and transports arrangements for official delegates.
  • To receive and see off the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, Secretary RA & IH, Parliamentarian and Senior Officer and foreign delegation visiting Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony (in day night).
  • To make Liaison with allied agencies in connection with Security and other matters on the occasion of International delegation will arrived in Ministry of Religious Affairs & IH.