Development & Coordination Wing

MoRA & IH :: Development & Coordination Wing


Development & Coordination Wing of M/o Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony deals with Development Projects and all matters relating to Senate and National Assembly Secretariats under the Administrative control of this Ministry.

Senior Management

Alamgir Ahmad Khan
Sr. Joint Secretary (Developmen & Coordination)
+92 51 9202062
Fax: +92 51 9210538
Muhamamd Ali Shahzad Muzaffar
Deputy Secretary (Developmen & Coordination)
+92 51 9206585 
Fax: +92 51 9210538


(I) Functions of  Development Section

  • Examining PC-I / PC-II / PC-III / PC-IV of all Development Schemes prepared
    by the respective Sections / Wings of MoRA&IH.
  • Coordinate and liaison with Planning & Development Division for authorization of funds against approved development schemes.
  • Release of funds from Finance Division after getting authorization from
    MoPD&SI against approved development schemes of MoRA&IH.
  • Convening DDWP meetings for consideration of development schemes,
    come under its purview.
  • Processing of Development Schemes, come under the purview of CDWP,
    ECNEC etc.
  • Preparation of minutes of DDWP meetings and its subsequent circulation
    amongst all stakeholders including Implementing and Executing agencies of
    respective development schemes.


On-going Projects of M/o Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony


1) Project Titled “Construction of Hajj Complex Lahore” (Total Cost Rs.1971.787 Million)

The main objective of the project is to establish the Hajj Complex at Lahore to provide better facilities to intending pilgrims.

  • State-of-the-art complex for the training of pilgrims
  • Better religious environment.
  • Hygienic residential facility to the ladies and gents pilgrims separately.
  • Residential facility to the instructors and concerned officers/officials.
  • The Project's total land measuring 57-Kanals

2) Project Titled “Establishment of Recycling Plant for Shaheed Quran Papers in Islamabad”  (Total Cost Rs.330.773 Million)

The main objective of the project is to maintain the sanctity of the unusable Holy Papers (UHP)

  • To recycle unused holy papers in a proper and suitable dignified manner.
  • To avoid blasphemous blame by utilizing the damaged/worn out/shaheed papers (UHP) by recycling them.
  • To provide a proper mechanism for the disposal of UHP


3) Project Titled “Installation of Tube Well at Hajj Complex, Quetta” (Total Cost Rs.14.663 Million)

The project is specifically meant to provide drinking water to the Staff of Hajj Complex Quetta and the Pilgrims

4) Project Titled “Construction of Bridge at Zero Line for Kartarpur Sahib Corridor” (Total Cost Rs.772.522 Million)

Brief History

  • The existing Gurdwara was built after the death of Guru Baba Nanak Sahib in fifteen century (1539).
  • After independence in 1947, the Gurdwara was reportedly shut for Yatris from India till 2000.
  • In 2000, it was renovated and made available for viewing from the Indian Border.
  • The Development of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor Phase-1 including main access road from zero line to Narowal Shakargarh Road, bridge over River Ravi,
  • Immigration terminal complex near border, Bara Dari, MehmanKhana, Langar Khana, Medical and Admin Block, Residential Houses, Parking & Paved Areas, Internal Road Network and Infrastructure Works was developed from Nov 2018 to Nov 2019.
  • The proposed development works under this project include construction of a Bridge at Zero Line (245.725 Meters Long) with its approach embankments, and lighting works

The main objectives

  • The Construction of Bridge at Zero Line is part of Development of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor as per Memorandum of Understanding between Pakistan and India.
  • The Development of Kartarpur Sahib Corridor is part of peace talks and a Diplomatic measure with an aim to ease the tense situation between India and Pakistan.
  • This initiative is likely to play a vital role in Maintaining peace, and overall development and economic stability in the region.
  • Construction of Bridge at Zero Line will fulfill the agreement between Pakistan and India.
  • It will provide permanent and direct connection to Kartarpur Sahib Corridor without obstructing waterway of Budhi Ravi.
  • The corridor shall provide easy access to the Indian.
  • The corridor shall provide easy access to the Indian Sikh pilgrims to the Shrine in Kartarpur Sahib.
  • It is a reflective of the importance and primacy that Pakistan gives to all its minorities and respect to the Sikhism and its founder Baba Guru Nanak Sahib.


(II) Function of Council & Coordination Section

  • All matters relating to council side i.e. Senate and National Assembly Secretariats.
  • Coordination of Presidential/Chief Executive’s Secretariat Directives /Cabinet and its Committee’s Decisions.
  • Preparation and Consolidation of various reports pertaining to the Ministry.
  • Circulars/Reports received from the other Ministries/Divisions/Departments.
  • Compilation of year book encompassing all activities of the Ministry during financial year.
  • Security Clearance of International Seerat Conference every year.
  • Coordination with other Ministries/Divisions in official matters.