Development & Coordination Wing

MoRA & IH :: Development & Coordination Wing

Dev & Coord Wing of M/o Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony deals with Development Projects under the Administrative control of this Ministry. Further, a portion of this Wing also deals with HGOs related litigation. The organogram of this wing is as under:

Organogram of Development & Coordination Wing of MoRA & IH


Job Distribution:

Joint Secretary (Dev. & Coord)

Overall Incharge of the Wing.


Deputy Secretary (Dev & Coord)

            To assist the Joint Secretary ( Dev & Coord).


1.        Section Officer (Litigation)


Litigation Section is mandated to process court cases throughout Pakistan exclusively pertaining to HGOs in coordination and consultation with Law & Justice Division. 


2.        Section officer (Development)


The Development Section is mandated for following official business:

  • Examining PC-I / PC-II / PC-III / PC-IV of all development schemes prepared by the respective Sections / Wings of MoRA&IH.
  • Convening DDWP meetings for consideration of development schemes costing up to Rs. 2,000 million.
  • Coordinate and liaison with Planning Commission through MoPD&SI for authorization of funds against approved development schemes.
  • Release of funds from Finance Division after getting authorization from MoPD&SI against approved development schemes of MoRA&IH.
  • Processing of development schemes costing beyond Rs. 2000 million for approval of CDWP / ECNEC / NEC as per competency of the said fora.
  • Preparation of minutes of DDWP meetings and its subsequent circulation amongst all stakeholders including Implementing and Executing agencies of respective development schemes.
  • Coordination w.r.t development schemes amongst all sponsoring wings of MoRA&IH.